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  So much for weather forecasts! I think we had 2 or 3 days of well above normal temps (23C one day) but then prior to that we had very cold below zero temps with lots of snow for several days which interrupted any onsite construction on and off for over 2 weeks this spring! We are however recouping some of our schedule as our dedicated crew is working overtime and weekends to make up for it despite continuing below normal temperatures.

We have removed two old wood decks on the first of 3 projects already this year and instead of garbaging them we are recycling the material. Thanks to a local farmer who is taking all old pressure treated decks and 6x6 or 4x4 retaining walls and is re-using the material on his farm!

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  Looks like March came in like a lion with a major snow storm and now is going out like a lamb with predicted well above seasonal, very mild temperatures. We are currently booking for May 2007 and trust that actual construction will commence the 1st Monday of April as usual.

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Click for more pics Season is off to a great start with fantastic weather up until this week when tons of rain have slowed down progress considerably and the ground has become a big, wet, soggy sponge right now. 
We are turning out beautiful works of art thanks in part to excellent designs and most importantly our dedicated and highly skilled crew.
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Click for more pics of this job Just finished a large deck with Octagon Gazebo
and 12 x 13 Shelter both with cedar shingled roofs
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New job pics posted in the last few months and a couple of thankyou letters .


It's been a very hot last 6 weeks, the hottest on record according to Environment Canada. Despite this our best crew ever has been soldiering on. There have been several new job pics posted in the last few months, enjoy!

5/17/2005 :

We started constructing outdoor projects the first Monday of April and have had all kinds of weather to deal with! There are a couple of new pictures in the photo gallery from this year and we are currently booking approximately 6 weeks ahead.

11/02/04 Landscape Design Book:

Winter is approaching and for me that's time to pursue things I can't take the time to do during the busier seasons. One item on my list is to offer my designs (I have thousands of them accumulated from 25 years of work!) to you in a book form that can either be downloaded on-line or ordered by mail. If you think you might be interested in such please let me know of your interest as I am not sure what kind of a demand for this is out there at this point. In the book there would be completed designs with photos of the finished projects and there would also be designs that were made for presentation to a prospective client but were never constructed so they are still one-offs. These are 1/4 scale working drawings complete with materials list and a brief comment on proceedure from which one could quite easily do it themselves or present it to a contractor to work from. For the Do-It-Yourselfer there would be a section outlining complete landscape construction proceedure and techiques.

I would also like to know your ideas on a price, and what format the book should take.

Drop me a line with your thoughts to: uniwerks@uniwerks.ca

Thank you in advance.


05/15/04 New pics added to the Gallery .

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Download Custom Wood Deck Video 800KB .WMV File
(Please right click on the file and choose "Save Target As")

This video highlights the use of curves at deck corners,
pine trees through the middle of the multilevel deck
and an overhead pergola.