Who owns a S/\Ctionizer?
Monster World Rally Team
Jon Nichols Motor Sport
Vermont Sportscar
Steve Gidman - Fortress Technolgy
Can-Jam Motorsports
Continental Tire EU
Four Star Motorsports

Proof is in the pudding...

Proven championship successes

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15" tire resting on the S/\Ctionizer

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What Does It Do?

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Bridgestone Blizzak tread block after tractionizing

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The S/\Ctionizer turns any tire tread into a super gripping surface with up to three times the traction on ice or dirt as a non-tractionized tire

How Does It Do It?

Thousands of tiny "cutting knives" on each roller slice the tire tread into a "fuzzy carpet" like texture. The result is more surface area therefore more traction, more sipes therefore less water between tread and road surface.

Here's What You Get ...

Two spike covered rollers mounted in steel frame

The S/\Ctionizer in use ...

SACtionizer in use at the ice races in Minden, Ontario, Canada


Tractionizing proceedure...

How to use the SACtionizer


Legal Disclaimer

Customer's Letters

Operating Manual (PDF 108KB)

Construction Process

Cost: $1500.00 CDN
(plus shipping and handling)

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