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11/16/2001 - Trip To Europe
Article by Terry Dalton SACsty

8/31/2000 - Vegas Vacation - National Lampoon's Muskoka Vacation
Article by Peter "Clark Griswald" McMurtrie (SAC#27)

8/30/2000 - Rounding The Georgian Bay - or Scott and Judy's Excellent TR6 Adventure
Article and Photos by Scott Miller (SAC#1)

New Photos:
August 14,2000 (1) -Salmon Point Surf
August 14,2000 (2) -Salmon Point Sunset
August 14,2000 (2) -Salmon Point Camp Fire
Salmon Point is located in Prince Edward County, Ontario about 20km due south of Picton (which is about 25 minutes south of Belleville) about as far south as you can get into Lake Ontario. There is a family campground there and not much else ;) It is about 7km from the East Lake sector of Sandbanks Provincial Park.

This SACtion is intended to provide a place for members to share stories and photographs of their travel experiences whether they be race related or not. There will also be future feature articles on specific destinations with the intent of providing the "personal touch" to the location visited with lots of pics and opinions on local venues, places to stay, eateries etc.

The specific format of this SACtion is being left open intentionaly so that hopefully members will shape it's looks the way they would like to see it! So please send me your thoughts, ideas, jpegs, page layouts, background images, formats etc. that you would like to see used!

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