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Since it's humble beginnings at 7 PM on Saturday
February 6th, 1999 at the Rockcliffe Hotel in Minden, Ontario, Canada membership has grown to 140 to date (Feb 11, 2004).

President: Scott, email:

Vice President: Scott (another one), email:

Sacretary: Sue Payne, email:

A wee bit about the club...

We are a non profit very loosely knit organisation primarily interested in racing and having a lot of fun as cheaply as possible! We are not, as yet , (snicker) affiliated with any other organisation. Membership is free, you are required however to proudly display your S/\C membership badge with your number on it at club gatherings and all race events, this consists of any piece of standard issue grey (or any other colour) duct tape (hereafter known as S/\Ctape available at any building centre or hardware store) worn in a visible location somewhere on your person (I personally do not recommend wearing it on your skin overnight). Members are also required to display the letters S/\C on the exterior of any competition vehicle they drive using pieces of the official S/\Ctape mentioned above (the middle cross stroke in the letter "A" may be left out for the sac of easier application). The official club motto is
"Kick 'em in the S/\C" (this term should only be used by club members).
There is an official Club
S/\Ctionary of S/\C terms, their meanings and intended use. It is important that all members read and become familiar with the Sactionary as some terms have special meanings and/or usage. For example:
loose use of the term "S/\C you!" is discouraged as it is a greeting reserved for S/\C members only.

Future Plans...

1. S/\C's short term goals are to have 2005 members by the year 2005!

(Well I guess we'll just have to be happy with the current membership which is pretty impressive anyway and there is always 2002!!!)

2. To host an Ice Race weekend next season and to have one event that weekend: "The 31 Hours Of Minden" (a 31 hour rubber endurance).

(This has been modified to a more realistic running time of 6 hours but it will still be called "The 31 Hours Of Minden". Being Scottish we can of course have just as much fun in less time than others!)

3. To form a S/\C sponsored race team made up of S/\C members.

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