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Jimmie Johnson SAC#54 sends this link to a very well written article on Jim Clark More...

Max "The Naz" Mosley in hot water! If you haven't been keeping up with the latest here's a brief of what he's been up to...

Courtesy of The SUN (UK)

FORMULA One racing chief Max Mosley will NOT be sacked over a sadistic Nazi orgy with five call girls, it was revealed last night. Mosley, 67, was filmed playing a SS death-camp commmandant barking orders in German and lashing uniformed girls in a five-hour video. The married dad-of-two - son of infamous wartime fascist Sir Oswald Mosley - also posed as a concentration camp victim having his genitals inspected before being whipped until his buttocks bled. But last night F1’s governing body the FIA said he would keep his job as president after Friday’s orgy at a flat in London’s Chelsea was exposed by the News Of The World.
A spokesman said: “As far as the FIA is concerned, this is a matter between Mr Mosley and the newspaper.” He added that Mosley’s lawyers were “in touch” with the paper.

And this today ....

FORMULA One racing chief Max Mosley has apologised over his sadism orgy. The FIA president admitted the sex session with five call girls was “embarrassing”. Mosley, 67 - son of wartime fascist leader Sir Oswald Mosley - said he spoke German while being spanked because it was the native tongue of two of the hookers. And he insisted it was wrong to suggest “some Nazi connotation to the matter”.
But ex-world champ Jody Scheckter called on the dad of two to quit, adding: “There is absolutely no question in my mind he should resign.”
Long-time adversary Sir Jackie Stewart added: “He has to look carefully at his role.”
Meanwhile Mosley insisted he will continue, adding: “I have received a lot of messages of support.”

SACEWE! Should Max"The Naz" Mosley resign???
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SAC President
Courtesy of Jimmy McGlade #308
Official SACographer

Just to make it official - your new SAC Prez is indeed Peter Taws. There was a vote of assembled SAC members at the Rockcliffe this past winter and Peter was unanimously voted as your SAC president. Welcome Peter to the SAC and congratulations on your presidency - long may you reign!




Rodney Schmelter , S/\C#303, Wraps up the Last Weekend of Ice Racing More...


The First Weekend Of the Magnum Fine Printing Ice Racing A Complete Success! More...


SAC# 70 Glenn McKay reports from Minden that there is tons of snow but he is afraid that there may not be much frost in the ground

I was talking to Jimmy Feeney today and he said they had 16" of snow last night!


- from Mike Jennings


Reid Milburn, S/\C#50, Relates Road Trip Tale  More...


New member Lisa Shaw - SACEWE! SAC#316. Your membership has been noted and added to the growing membership list of the SAC More...

Ice Race Schedule for 2008. DAC weekend is Feb 02/03 ... More...


Please give a big SACEWE welcome to newest SACmember Mark Lovell SAC#170 (I think). His email has been added to the membership page. Email: jelovell@sympatico.ca


Waterworld of Mosport 2007 (S/\C #1)

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Courtesy of S/\Cnews

Whoa! I survived!!! I made it through four days of the American LeMans Series weekend at Mosport! In what's looking like typical weather now for this race series when it visits here we saw lots and lots of water. I arrived around 10:15 am Thursday at gate #6 - bottom of hill east of exit of turn #1 tunnel - just as the clouds had cleared up leaving behind what looked like the aftermath of a monsoon. With a river of water still flowing 3" deep through the entry gates I pulled up to the attendant with weekend pass in hand. He proudly showed me the high watermark of 15 minutes prior on the calf of his pant leg - he was soaked! There were pieces of asphalt and various debris that had washed down into the ditch alongside the pavement - they had been flushed through the tunnel from the infield! This was just the beginning of what some (possibly fortunate) people who stayed home missed. Personally, I loved every minute. Thursday night we received another thunderous ovation and accompanying deluge that kept most awake.

Click for Video
 Downpour on Fri. Click for VideoClick for Video

On Friday the heavy rains returned in the morning, red flagging track activities, and an actual waterfall appeared just west of the track to the side of the tunnel under turn one. I have never seen it rain that hard at Mosport. Every morning the fog lay so thick that the race schedule had to be delayed as no one could see from one marshal to the next.

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Place was packed
Courtesy of S/\Cnews

The number of race participant trailers and equipment, crew etc. seemed to be huge this year even overflowing into the family camping and go-kart track facilities to the west of turn 8. No wonder with all the series represented. Spectator numbers were down significantly Saturday but rebounded to sport record levels on race day. All the hills were covered and stands packed - it was shoulder to shoulder at Corner 2.

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Lynda Fellows
Courtesy of S/\Cnews

Not all was dull like the weather - there were some redeeming moments to the weekend.

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Mosport Grid
Courtesy of S/\Cnews











American Lemans
The #7 Penske Porche
Courtesy of S/\Cnews

Biggest news of the day was Porche beat the Audi! That's right Alan McNish finished SACond 19.5 seconds behind Timo Bernhard's LMP2 Penske Porche. Having regained the lead up to 20 minutes from the end after having gearbox troubles towards the final few laps. He struggled through turn 5 with it stuck in 4th - how that's even possible I don't know - but as Alex Bartels puts it "torque baby, I keep telling you - torque!".

Ron Fellows, flashing his new white Corvette and racing for the last time with the Corvette Racing team, finished 3rd in a class of three cars much to the disappointment of Ronnie "B" Fellows who felt he could have done much better as the replacement (B) driver given only half the chance.

A good friend of mine, Dan Stott (Ronnie "B" Fellows), finally made it to Corner 2 and enjoyed his inaugural Mosport experience. He also is the newest member of the SAC at #233.

Click for VideoClick for Video

New SACmember
Ronnie "B" Fellows
Click for Video

The real Ron Fellows
Courtesy Jimmy McGlade








For the video outtakes of Ronnie "B" Fellows ... More...

To view all photo images for the event

Mobil 1 presents Grand Prix of Mosport
Mosport International Raceway, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
Sunday's results
1. (2) Romain Dumas, France; Timo Bernhard, Germany; Porsche RS Spyder (1, P2), 125.
2. (1) Rinaldo Capello, Italy; Allan McNish, Scotland; Audi AG/R10/TDI (2, P1), 125.
3. (4) Sascha Maassen, Germany; Ryan Briscoe, Australia; Porsche RS Spyder (3, P2), 125.
4. (3) Emanuele Pirro, Italy; Marco Werner, Germany; Audi AG/R10/TDI (4, P1), 125.
5. (5) Marino Franchitti, Scotland; Bryan Herta, Valencia, CA; Acura/ARX-01a (5, P2), 125.
6. (10) Jamie Bach, Saukville, WI; Ben Devlin, England; Lola/B07-40/Mazda (6, P2), 124.
7. (9) Chris Dyson, Pleasant Valley, NY; Guy Smith, England; Porsche RS Spyder (7, P2), 124.
8. (7) Luis Diaz, Mexico; Adrian Fernandez, Mexico; Lola/B06-43/Acura (8, P2), 124.
9. (8) Andy Wallace, England; Butch Leitzinger, State College, PA; Porsche RS Spyder (9, P2), 124.
10. (16) Johnny O'Connell, Flowery Branch, GA; Jan Magnussen, Denmark; Corvette C6.R (10, GT1), 116.
11. (14) Oliver Gavin, England; Olivier Beretta, Monaco; Corvette C6.R (11, GT1), 116.
12. (15) Ron Fellows, Canada; Andy Pilgrim, Del Ray Beach, FL; Corvette C6.R (12, GT1), 116.
13. (17) Mika Salo, Finland; Jaime Melo, Brazil; Ferrari 430GT Berlinetta (13, GT2), 112.
14. (18) Eric Helary, France; Gianmaria Bruni, Italy; Ferrari 430GT Berlinetta (14, GT2), 111.
15. (12) Chris McMurry, Phoenix, AZ; Tony Burgess, Canada; Creation CA06H-Judd (15, P1), 111.
16. (22) Tom Milner, Leesburg, VA; Ralf Kelleners, Germany; Porsche 911 GT3 RSR (16, GT2), 111.
17. (19) Dirk Mueller, Germany; Peter Dumbreck, Scotland; Ferrari 430GT (17, GT2), 110.
18. (21) Jorg Bergmeister, Germany; Johannes van Overbeek, San Francisco, CA; Porsche 911 GT3 RSR (18, GT2), 110.
19. (20) Wolf Henzler, Germany; Robin Liddell, Scotland; Porsche 911 GT3 RSR (19, GT2), 109.
20. (25) Seth Neiman, Burlingame, CA; Lonnie Pechnik, Pacific Grove, CA; Porsche 911 GT3 RSR (20, GT2), 109.
21. (24) Dominik Farnbacher, Germany; Jim Tafel, Alpharetta, GA; Porsche 911 GT3 RSR (21, GT2), 94.
22. (13) Jon Field, Dublin, OH; Clint Field, Dublin, OH; Richard Berry, Evergreen, CO; Creation/CA06H/Judd (22, P1), 86, Gearbox.
23. (23) Bill Auberlen, Hermosa Beach, CA; Bryan Sellers, Centerville, OH; Joey Hand, Sacramento, CA; Panoz Esperante GTLM (23, GT2), 54, Extenuating Circ..
24. (6) Stefan Johansson, Sweden; David Brabham, Australia; Acura/ARX-01a (24, P2), 48, Gearbox.
25. (11) Adam Pecorari, Aston, PA; Gunnar van der Steur, Chesapeake City, MD; Radical SR9/AER (25, P2), 6, Accident.


From Terry Dalton SAC#60 ...

Photos courtesy Terry Dalton

Mark Swain took a hell of a ride Friday night at Oshweken. The car is basically a write off, he is OK, not even a
It was a wild ride, he hit the top of the catch fence.



American Lemans
Image Courtesy of:

If you're not already totally exSACtic about the upcoming American Le Mans Series circus coming to Mosport this August 24 through 26th - YOU SHOULD BE !!!  This is probably the biggest race ticket of the entire season - in Canada! Check the points standings for the series and it reads like a who's who of motor sport: Alan McNish, David Brabham, Stefan Johansson, Bryan Herta, Dario Franchitti, Didier Theys, Tony Kanaan, Helio Castroneves, Adrian Fernandez, Jan Magnussen, Ron Fellows, Max Papis, Miko Salo, Tomas Enge, Graham Rahal, Scott Maxwell, Jrg Bergmeister.

To help wet your appetite just visit the home page for the ALMS series at www.americanlemans.com where you will find an enormous amount of information regarding the series' circuits, the cars, drivers, teams and manufacturers that will be racing not to mention all the support races. Have a look at the race schedule from the www.mosport.com website and check out the additional race series that will be represented ...

See you at Corner 2!


Ferrari-McLaren Spy Plot Thickens - Peter McMurtrie (S/\C#27)

Seen here at a hastily arranged meeting of
the F1 World Motor Sport Coucil, McLaren
and Ferrari pledge a new dawn of
mutual respect, trust and integrity
- regarding Intellectual Property Rights.
Courtesy Peter McMurtrie

Unfortunately, I think we could all see this coming:

The scheduled High Court session in the Ferrari and Mike Coughlan case was cancelled after the suspended McLaren designer agreed to supply an affidavit detailing his involvement in the affair.

Ferrari's lawyers had requested that Coughlan and his wife Trudy - who are accused of possessing nearly 800 pages of confidential Ferrari data - produce the sworn statement during the initial court meeting.

Coughlan's lawyers wanted clarification on any implications this might have on the related case in Italy involving ex-Ferrari employee Nigel Stepney.

Click for Large
Robbie The Wrench took the stolen Ferrari
papers and has constructed a new race
car for next year. Seen here testing
at a secret racetrack. Mr. Ed

Ferrari has named Stepney as the source of the documents received by Coughlan, who was suspended by McLaren last Tuesday when the data was discovered during a Ferrari-instigated search of his home.

It was later revealed that Stepney and Coughlan had made a joint approach to Robbie The Wrench in the hope of joining Phil Strudwick Racing's technical staff - which is exactly where they may end up.       (not that there's anything wrong with that)

Click for Large
Photo courtesy Bruce Brownscombe

1952 Norton Manx 500

Click for Large
Photo courtesy Bruce Brownscombe

Mr Ed Moody - hangin' out.

$5 fuel pump
So, yesterday I was going to meet up with Terry (not Terry Dalton), the guy who sold me a Volvo because he had a bunch of tires that were "forgotten" when he dropped the car off.  First, it's freaking hot.  I get on the 403 to the 401 going East, all is well until I hit the wall of traffic.  So I take the Eglington exit, and I'll take Royal York North.  I need to get on Weston between Sheppard and Finch.   As soon as I get onto Weston where Albion separates, the Police are there and the road is blocked.  I have to turn around and head back to Wilson and get over to Jane.  It's been about an hour now with no movement because Traffic is really sucking.  As I'm heading east, the in-line electric fuel pump I'm using takes a dump.  It overheated and keeps tripping out.  I manage to coast off into a parking lot, check under the hood.  I had a 1 Liter container of water, so I dump it on the fuel pump and wait until it's cool to the touch.  Car starts up, and I head out, get to Jane get north and make it to Terry's work.  Get the tires, and head out.  This time I decide to go north to Finch and then get on the 400, hopefully the airflow will cool off the pump.  As I get close to the ramp, I hit the gas and it bogs down (not enough fuel) so I stay on finch to Jane and I'll just snake it through Toronto.  Toronto SUCKS, it's hot and I'm moving at 1 kph due to traffic.  Back on Wilson heading west now and the pump gives up for good.  It warned me, but I kept pushing it.  I'm now stuck in a Speedy Parking lot.  There are a few repair shops, I walk around and ask if they have a 12 V fuel pump.  Nope, tomorrow they say.  Screw you guys, your not touching my POS, I'm going to get rid of it within days.  I don't want to be paying for repairs on it.  So I figure I'll just call the tow truck and get home.  After 30 min of waiting, it's hot out, I say screw this.  I pull out the Swiss army knife I have in the glove box.  Open the hood.  Cut the windshield washer squirter supply line and shove it in the fuel tank.  Siphon off .5L into my water container that I used to cool off the pump with.  I run the wiper fluid tank dry, out the side of the car.  Then connect the shortened squirter fluid line to the carburetor.  It takes me about 5 min to learn how to operate the wipers to keep the car running.  It works surprisingly well, and I end up flooding the engine more than running out of fuel.  So I bug out and head home, filling the carb bowl from the wipers every 5 or 7 min.  Get home, have a shower.

Rodney B. Schmelter, S/\C #303


Click for Large
The J24 in Mexico Worlds


Ryan Clumpus SAC#317 sends this pic 





Fantastic In-Car Footage from Nick Majors' SAC#301 (aka darthviper2006) IceRace Stud car in Mindenhammer More...

2002 Saturn SC2 Car For Sale - See the Buy/Sell SACtion  More...


S/\C Ice Race Report for BARC weekend of March 3rd and 4th, 2007-click "Icerace Report" link at left or More...


Click for Large
Bugatti Veyron

Alex Bartels S/\C67 - Video Of The Bugatti Veyron At Top Speed 407KMH More...

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