The following is a list of SAC terms, meanings and their intended use...


Cul De S/\C:

SACtrophy: there's only one trophy and its used for all awards.

LipoSACtion: what you might need if you can't get into your drivers seat anymore.

SACket: a Scottish tool attachment for a ratchet used to turn nuts/bolts.

SACtacular: Like it says.

SACURL : our URL or SAC internet address.

SACshirt : SAC T-shirt

Ripplebutt : a designer version of "Ol' Thistlebutt"

SACard: What every good "card carrying" S/\C has.
Original version , Yuppie version

SACggis: SAC version of haggis - used rubber innertube covered with run flat.

SACkilt: the SAC kilt is of course any checkered flag or SAC tartan that is worn as a kilt.

SACbadge: Membership badge -grey SACtape with SAClogo and your SAC # on it.

SACtionizer: SACs ice race tractionizer

SACtual: what it's like when a bunch of SAC members get together.

SACs: what a gathering of SAC members is called.

SACreligious: what a die hard SAC member is.

SAC time: anytime SAC members get together and have fun. Use: "I got in some great SAC time last night!"

Sad SAC: one who cannot be admitted to SAC (think of your own examples!)

SACre Bleu: a franco SAC

SACred: Something a male SACmember might suffer if he drove all of the "31 Hours Of Minden" enduro.

SACed: to be accepted as a SAC member.

SACsuary: the blissful state a SAC member reaches after the 10th pitcher.

SACretary: SAC SACretary.

SACsational: like it says

SACsessful: like it says

SACtionizer: the SAC tire tractionizer for ice racing.

SACs Appeal: What all SAC members have naturally.

SACtape: Official SAC tape (Standard duct tape any colour),
Use: membership badges, logo on race vehicles,
See it on a race vehicle .

SACtarian: Lifetime member of SAC.

SACtisfaction: Title of a tune by a famous Scottish band....
The Rooling SACs .... "I can't get no, SACtisfaction".

SACtion: to be SACtioned by SAC, to have the official OK of SAC. Also a SACnews division.

"SAC EWE!": (SAC you) a friendly greating shouted to other SAC members.

SACond: as prized as a win for a SAC.

SAC Tartan: click for large, history (note the link to the Border Reivers). Click HERE to order the material.

SAC Flag: click for large

Thistlebutt: a friendly term used to refer to fellow SACs. Use: " You old thistlebutt you!"

Also: to fondly refer to the SAC flag. Use: "ol' thistlebutt".

"Kick 'em in the SAC": official club motto.

"31 HOURS OF MINDEN": an enduro race for rubber class ice cars running non stop from 9 am Saturday to 4 pm Sunday hosted by SAC. Date to be announced.

SACtisfy: to feel good about being in the SAC.

OVLOV: a fine Scottish automobile revered by all SAC

ProSAC: the all purpose hangover cure for a SAC. Also( the standing of charter members ? proSACS)

SACurrency: the official SAC currency is Canadian Tire money
(note the good lookin' Scot),
SACurrency is accepted at par for all SAC purposes.

SAC Logo: S/\C is to be displayed on all SAC member's competion
please click for an example.

SACamp: see picture

SACpaper: SAC Watermarked stationery or as desktop background or wall paper!

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