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Wrap Up Tour by: SAC#50

Wrap Up Tour - Reid Milburn
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Chaparral Museum

Well Robb and I finally returned from the grand tour.  Had a great time at both races with several great corners. Had 11, 2,3 and 4 for rotation at
 Atlanta.  I had 8A and 8 for Laguna (Corkscrew). Robb worked C3 and then
C6. Johnny O' did a couple of hot laps in the new 08?supercharged Corvette

After packing up after Celebration at Mosport, we picked up Stan and headed
for Atlanta.  First stop on the trip was a musclecar museum in Tenn. and then
a stop at the Tenn. Warbirds museum.  Reunion of the 345th Sqd. with a flyby
of P-47's and then 1 pass in the missing man formation.

 After saying goodbye to Stan, Karl and Shelley who returned home from
 Atlanta,, Robb and I headed west.

 Since we were in the neighbourhood, we stopped in New Orleans.  Words
cannot portray the devastation that still exists there.  We received $10 citations
 at 8:00 in the morning for not partying hearty enough. Actually donation
for Meals for Kids. but we rectified the situation by noon.  Had a great meal
of oysters, chicken and andouille gumbo for lunch. Pictures of Robb on the
 corner of Bourbon St. No one stopped, not even the cops who drove by.

Off west again and since we were in the area, stopped at the Alamo.  Next
 stop Midland Texas to see Jim Hall and the Chaparral Museum. Off to
Roswell. No mothership but lots of strange people.

Put in a bid on a missle silo.  Anyone for time share?  Manuals included but
 no Minuteman missile.  Dropped by White Sands Proving Grounds.  Wouldn't
 blow up anything or light off any missiles for Robb.

Off to Calif. Stayed at a great campground near Pomona drag strip. NHRA
 museum and Ontario Speedway.  Went to Justice Bros. Museum. great
collection  of cars. Went to Venice Beach.  Saw lots of beautiful beach houses and
 really strange people. Robb felt warm and fuzzy seeing people stranger than

Hooked up with Robin and tow truck crew from Mosport at the motel.  Have to
see the pictures to appreciate what went on. Sunday morning of the race,
head blew off the sprinkler next to Tom and Heli's car and sent up a 3
storey geyser that dropped straight on their rental. Seats got a little wet.

Took the coastal route to San Fran.  Did Fishermans Wharf, drove down
 Lombard St and some of the streets from Bullitt.  Over the Golden Gate
 bridge to Lake Tahoe and then back roads to Vegas. Passed near Area 51.
There is no Area 51 Casino and we weren't there. Passed an airbase used by enemy in war games.  Saw 2 MiG 29's on the runway.

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Shelby chassis #1

 Stopped at Shelby Museum in Vegas and had a tour of the manufacturing plant.
The rumours are true that Shelby registered an additional 500 or so VIN numbers in 1967 and is still building these cars today.  They can be had in
aluminum, fiber glass or carbon fiber bodies, priced accordingly.


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Tow Mater from Carz

Took Route 66 through most of AZ., Texas, and OKla.  Found the model for Radiator Springs from the movie CarZ, complete with Wigwam motel and Tow Mater out front.

Also found a VW shop with way too much time on his hands.
 Had a stretched VW and one with a camper grafted on it.

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First Phillips 66
gas station on Route 66

Found the first Phillips 66 gas station in McLean Texas, built in 1927.
 Stopped in Winslow AZ at the corner mentioned in the Eagles song.  Saw lots
 of pickups with ladies driving but no one stopped so we went to a cafe for

Alternator decided to act up in Indiana so we stopped in Auburn to get a
replacement job.  What do 2 car guys do in Auburn while waiting for repairs.
Off to the Auburn-Cord-Dusenberg Museum and National Truck Museum.  Both
must see stops if you go to Indy.

All in all, great trip.  Time to start planning next years road trips.  Next
trip. off to Daytona 24 Hour at the end of Jan.

 Reid Milburn SAC 50