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Ice Race Report

March 2nd & 3rd, 2002

(Story and photography - Scott Miller)

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That wraps it up for ice race season 2002 in Mindenhammer.

First off, I would really like to thank my major sponsor, Brooklin Concrete Products. They have been responsible for supplying new tires every season for like 6 years now and therefore probably the most important factor in any success I have had as everyone knows in ice racing its traction, traction, traction! Brooklin Concrete Products is located in Brooklin Ontario with additional locations in Newmarket, Huntsville and Haliburton manufacturing and retailing all manner of precast concrete products from interlock pavers to septic tanks.

It has indeed been a trying and expensive season for me. I suppose I got off relatively easy for most of the other years but that this year it was my turn to "pay the piper". From water in the gas to rebuilding the carb to blowing up the motor and building up another car out of two only to have the Minden Kinsmen decide to ban me from the track for the last two weekends of the scheduled six for an incident that happenned off the Minden fairgrounds. But after all the heartache I feel the "new" Ovlov is a very strong entry and next season will pose a very real threat to the class champ.

SAC members were out having 4x4 fun in the bush outside Minden Sat nite getting themselves well and truely stuck. Fortunately they were accompanied by another 4x4 and each wound up winching away on the other in an effort to free both.

Oh yeah and then there was the F1 race on the big screen at the Rockcliffe, horrendous start to the race and the season with 8 cars out on the first corner accident initiated by Ralf Schumacher launching up and over the tail of Barrichello's car sending Ralf airborne into a crazy flight akin to a piece of paper floating when watched in slow motion. Michael Shoemaker won that one, no suprise, in last years car.


No results see CASC site for that. - http://www.casc.on.ca/ICE-RACE-PS.asp


Track Conditions/ Weather:

Saturday stayed well below 0 C with very good grip around a well developed "burm" and stayed fairly fast all day. Sunday rain rain rain, track looked good enough to me to run rubber but officials decided not. Ironically the rain stopped at around noon as the temperature continued to fall.



I once again was able to play team owner as the Minden Kinsmen "police" still held to their erroneous decision to ban me from the track for the last two weekends. My driver, Glenn Mckay (SAC#70), showed late and missed qualifying Sat. for both class 1 and 11, but he informed me he "liked starting from the back". This actually proved true during the first Class 1 race as he chased down and passed all the competition and by about the fourth lap all I could see ahead of us were 4 wheel drive cars. I was fortunate to be passenger in that race and I turned to Glenn and said "You're in first place"! Shortly thereafter Glenn went wide at full lock and snowplowed of into the weeds allowing Larry Kovaks by and dropping us to second. I am not sure where we finished after that as he kept having difficulty setting up the car on approach to corners (driving with a locked differential means you must pitch the car fairly severely just before entering a corner). The Ovlov finished 3rd in the second race. All in all I felt confident the car is more than capable winning consistently in the hands of one experienced with locked diffs. I can't wait for next year!


I awoke Sunday to rain drops on the roof of the Minden House and my roomate Terry (SACsty) stated there would be no racing if it was raining. He called it, at about 11 am racing was officially cancelled due to rain and the fact there was not much left of the track. Everybody started packing and trailering cars and by 2 pm the place was lookin' pretty empty. Funny thing was, as the day went on the temperature progressively dropped and it began to snow. By the time I got towing down Hwy 35 there was a fair bit of snow coming down.


- Team Ovlov driver Glenn McKay (SAC#70) coming from the back into first in a class 1 race.

To all competing in class 1 and class 11 enjoy the next ten months and then watch out!