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Ice Race Report

Feb 2nd & 3rd, 2002

(Story and photography - Scott Miller)

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I'll be brief for this weekend. Not because there was not a lot to write about but because I was so busy and frustrated that it's all pretty much a blur in my memory. (Also I have a bathroom reno underway that I should be working on).

The weekend started off optimistically enough with me deciding to go for it and race both classes (first and second driver for rear wheel rubber to ice). A funny thought did cross my mind as I was standing in line to register - "It would be my luck that if I go for both classes I'll have some kind of car problems". Shouldn't have thought that.

The weekend would prove to be yet another test of racing mettle (no I don't mean metal, and I only run rubber-to-ice :-).

BTW: I have no pictures or vid of weekend but any who were there and do please forward and I will insert them here. I believe Glenn MacKay SAC#70 has some for me.


Again I neglected to pick up any results and having to run both classes I was never sure what finish I had in which class.

Track Conditions/ Weather:

A lot colder Sat and Sun. with temps remaining well below zero, overcast and 6 inches of snow overnite early Sun morning. Track held up well all weekend and all classes had excellent races.



Like I said I don't remember much of the racing. The car started Sat. no problem but after coming up to temperature it would shut itself off just like you had turned off the ignition. I thought I had a thermal related electrical problem and got Kiyo to diagnose all electrical but even after replacing coil, ballast resistor, condenser, points, etc. etc. the problem persisted. It would fire up then die. Pulling the gas line off at the carb the next time that happened showed just a trickle from the line - ice in the gas! Dumped lots of methyl hydrate in the fuel tank and got better flow. Big thankyou to Kiyo for all your assistance. All this kept me from practice and qualifying so I started at the back of the grid for the first race Sat. and car ran great. Thought problem solved but as I got into second race of the day the car sputtered and stopped on track, several times and finished last. Much head scratching and frustration. Terry Dalton (SACsty) was running his new Corolla and offered the loan of his Volvo GLT. I raced it and went from back of pack to front and finished in second in class 11, great car. Sat. ended and I called a mech friend he suggested that the carb had water in it. Took off carb and noticed something missing off side and that fuel would pour out of threaded hole where part missing! Drove to Port Perry and had mech friend replace part and remove float bowl, poured out 4 or 5 tablespoons of water!!!


Reattached carb in blinding blowing snow storm early Sunday morning (six inches fell earlier Sunday morning). Then purged tank, lines, filter, pump of yet more water by flushing with methyl and then gas. Where did all this water come from??? Last weekend was very mild and we raced in lots of slush and water could it have gotten in the tank? Tank looks good. Could it have been the fact that I bought premium from local guy who may not be selling too much premium, could he have water in his gas? Could it be sabotage? I don't know but I do have some of the gas from the gas station where I purchased it in Minden and I will have to see if I can find any water in it.

Anyhow the car ran great on Sunday with much improved performance and a lot more power due to the lost part replaced on the carb. First race in class one on Sunday saw me go from 15th (back of grid) to 1st place in class and then to finish down one in second after terrific battle with Larry Kovaks. The second race Sunday I believe i finished third again just behind Larry Kovaks who I had passed and lead by the length of the straight to suddenly see him on my tail as he had figured out a faster line on last lap. He's good! Track was very very slippery for that one and all the weight I could find was added to the car to much improve traction.


- Still managed to entrer all races and placed well for the most part.

- Good to see Glenn Mackay SAC#70 back up for racing, he is driving a very nicely prepped 1990 Audi Quattro in class 4.

- "Farmer" Dave Fluggal showed up Sunday morning on crutches with a Honda Civic he says will be entered soon for one of the kids to drive.

- Jeff Wenzel (SAC#9) was up to race a studded Rabbit but had same canabalized for parts by Biral. Thanks Jeff for help with the Ovlov.