Ice Race 2013

1988, Toyota MR2,
2008 Stud and Overall Stud Champ
2010 Street Stud, Stud, Overall Stud Champ
2011 Street Stud, Stud, Overall Stud Champ

1986, Ovlov 244
(a fine Scottish car)
New for 2013 running in Rubber-To-Ice class 1

1981, Ovlov 240GLT (a fine Scottish car)
2006 & 2009 Street Stud Championship car
(Crushed November 2012 - RIP)


A weekly report
on the icerace activities on and off track
covering the season in "Mindenhammer"
(Minden Ontario)

Study the disclaimer first if you are prone to believing everything you read.

 I have not written any weekend reports for 2013  - call me lazy -  so here's a brief summary. I raced a full season in Rubber To Ice (RTI) resulting in winning the championship in rear wheel drive class 1 - something which has eluded me in 16 (?) years of ice racing - driving the 1986 Ovlov. Results for all three classes I ran this weekend (yep, that's 16 races! - won 15 of them and got a second) are linked to your right.

I gave up on Street Studs on the 1988 Toyota MR2 when after the first day of the first weekend the stud loss from the new spec tire/stud choice forced me to remember that I am only here for fun and not to experience frustration from a bad spec tire/stud choice. I did however return halfway through the season to successfully win several races, at first on a set of newer 14" street stud tires loaned to me by Andrey car #03 (thanks Andrey) and later on a used set 14" street stud tires that had been used since the beginning of the season by Andrey and subsequently restudded a several times before I restudded using a black polyurethane adhesive used to keep windshields in place. The resulting stud retention was pretty amazing considering many of the stud pockets had been either split or torn completely through the tread block. I believe for that one weekend (5 races and 2 practices) there were 2 to 3 studs missing in the drive tires (mostly from the completely destroyed pockets) and I still won all the races in the street stud class.

And finally the last weekend of the season saw the Menards (full stud) class run for the first time in 2 seasons! This was an absolute blast and is one of the main reasons I keep coming back. I raced in  the 1988 white Toyota MR2 car #24. Here's a couple video examples of our Stud races ...
1) Shot from car behind me (Courtesy Andrey, Car #03)
2) In car Two Up (Rear video/data courtesy Tim)
There was even a feature race after the last race on Sunday. Amazingly we never saw dirt this year as has been the case for most last weekends other years. All video from the 2013 season shot from my in-car cam has been posted to my Youtube Channel ...

Although numbers were down significantly this year (up to 30% fewer entries) a full 6 consecutive weekends were run and a big thanks to all the clubs that made that happen, the Minden Kinsmen and related people helping make and maintain the track, people shooting and posting photos (Jimmy McGlade) and to those posting video. This sport will survive. We need to keep new people coming and getting interested and then involved. Everyone has a responsibility to this sport to spread the ice racing word! If you know how, then please, make use of any/all the plethora of social media now available to market our sport !
If you're reading this and want to go ice racing the CASC (Canadian Automobile Sport Clubs) ice racing website is a good place to start with several informative articles that will answer most of your "newbie" questions. You'll also find there a link to the 2013 Rules and Regulations (PDF File) for ice racing which detail all you need to know to prepare yourself and your car for a season of ice racing.

I need to thank my sponsors for helping make this season possible specifically our gracious hosts Gord and Leslie Elliott proprietors of The Minden House B&B where we stay in one of the cottages just 3 blocks from the track and 1 block from downtown - so convenient - I highly recommend them! Also, thanks  to my friend Mike Evans for helping me for each and every one of these past 6 weekends as my mechanic/engineer/tire changer/technical advisor etc. ! Finally, this event would never happen if it were not for the hundreds of hours of work that goes into building and maintaining the track and facilities, the clubs that host and organize each weekends event - big thanks to all involved.


SACEWE! - see you next year!

There are loads of in-car video from this season available on my Youtube Channel and you can access prior year's reports in the archives below ....


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