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Ice Racing 1999:

What I am doing this winter ...(I think I'll update this "Journal Entry" style so scroll down for the latest entry)


(Jan. 19th 1999)

I like ice racing in the winter time since I can't race during my work season (I'm a landscape contractor). Below are some pics of what looks like a zebra only black with yellow stripes. This is a 1975 Toyota corolla (get this!) ...1166cc motor! They don't get much smaller than this. My bud Mike is into ice racing as well and he and I thought for sure that this was the car to win this year (1999) since a fair number of past championships have been won in similar model cars. But it turns out it is just too outdated and therefore under powered. We did a lot of preparation to this car just to experience overheating and rad problems for all of the first Saturday (Jan 15,16,1999) of racing. So during the last and only race that the car entered the main rad hose blew with an explosion that had me thinking I ran over a large rock. I began to see steam come up around the hood but decided to stick my foot in anyway and if she blew it was probably for the best else we'd be behind the eight ball all season. Well it did done blowed up REAL GOOD , got so hot she just about siezed as I clattered into the paddock. Buddy opened the hood and I turned to him and asked if he'd remembered the weenies!

.............................................................Other years, Acadian, strange spectators...More Pics

Sunday dawned rather slowly with a great lack of clarity or cohesion. But I slowly remembered the bar and the previous day's events that led to my current state. Oh well, it's only ice racing...no money in it just glory stories. Once I was well fed (Mike doesn't eat) we went to the track to help out some friends who drive Volvos as racers. They had one just sittin' there as a backup and/or celebrity car (for celeb's to drive...ya know, Jacques Villenueve, Ron Fellows, Mika and the likes). It was all properly (Swedishly) prepared and lookin perdy then Dan says, Hey man why don't you use that. Well I could 'a fell right over! So quick as anythin' everybody pitched right in and while I paid for my race dues they had her all ready ta race! YeeeeHaaaa! I must say now, with all due thanks to the Lok boys for their kindliness, I had the most amazing Sunday on record. I went from last in a field of 12 cars to 5th in the first race and from 5th start in the second race to a win!!! Cool, way fun!

Any way for anyone interested in having way too much fun doin' somethin' the government doesn't know about yet (otherwise they'd tax it and implement a bunch of stupid rules and stuff so it wouldn't be fun no more) come on up to Minden (you know; ...where the Rock Cliff is!) and go to the north end of town to the Kinsmen Fairgrounds (any one will show you the way there's only one main street!). Just check with the CASC office after 12PM on Fridays to make sure that there is racing (sometimes it rains or there is a January thaw like this weekend , Jan 23,24 1999 and there is no racin' ) ...

CASC Ontario Region Offices: #416-667-9500 then press 8 for ice race report.

Jan 28 1999

Well I got what i wanted: an 83 240DL Volvo station wagon, carburated, 4 cylinder, 100 h.p., standard, locked diff beast! This was necessary to replace the blown Toyota aforementioned. Now I concentrated more on making sure it is competitive rather than looking good (mind you Volvos are starting to look good to me .. what is happening to me!). Did get the sponsors decals on though. Just need to find 14" tractionizable snow tires for it...

Anyone know where I can get some used ones?...

Looks like there is racing this weekend (according to Bob V's response to my querrie on the topic).


Feb 3 1999

Ok, so the weekend was great! Both Mike and I completed all four races in the "new" Volvo... ...no problems!!!

Managed to borrow 4 tractionized tires from Carol (her car was not ready to race) and get out there to qualify. Started last and placed third in the qualifier. First race Sat. started 3rd on the grid and placed 1st. Second race started 1st and held on to win again! Sunday however was a different story. I started 1st and placed 3rd. I could not believe how slippery the ice had become since Sat. There seemed to be no grip no matter what I did or where I drove. Next race Sun started 3rd and placed 8th! Very bad luck ... on about lap 3 or 4 I used the emergency brake as is common to overcome under steer going into a turn ...THE HAND LEVER STUCK ON AND THE BUTTON WITH SPRING POPPED OUT!!!! So there I am, sitting stranded on a corner stopped dead trying to push this spring and button back into the end of the hand brake handle while the rest of the field went by. Unbelievable. Anyway drove like a mad possessed one and placed 8th. Mike was very consistent placing 2nds and thirds.

Well we still have to redesign the tractionizer for this coming weekend (Feb 6 & 7). I purchased new 14" no name winter snows and am anxious to get them tractionized so we won't have to rely on others generosity.

Feb 6, 7, 1999

Everything is beautiful! Mike wanted to leave the Rockcliffe before I did, this is an historical first!!!! I think he's geting too serious about Ice Racing. He was, however consistent in his finishes all 2nds and thirds. Way to go Mike. There was a new car club created this weekend : the Scottish Auto Club ! Go ahead visit the web site and join up it's free!!! The Tractionizer works marvelously well and propelled the OVLOV (a fine Scottish Automobile) to two wins on Sunday. BBQ at the blue horse trailer was once again welcome change and fun too.

Hey our sponsor has the most amazing and delicious food at THE KLONDIKE at the Whestney Road, Ajax GO train station just south of the 401. I finally had a chance to stop in for their supper special... let me tell you... for just $12 each my wife and I had a quarter of BBQ chicken, a rack of ribs (MMMMMM!), their own specially seasoned potatoes, mixed veggies, and a bowl of seafood chowder that would warm you on the yuckiest night!!!! Can you believe it!!. So any way try them out, great food excelent prices and a really rockin' nice joint (Got a couple of fireplaces).

Feb 20, 21, 1999

There was indeed free beer at the Rockcliff Sat night compliments of the weekend sponsor (I forget who now; too much free beer!) I also had a bad sinus cold this weekend (still do, so this may not be too clear) but still managed to qualify 1st then a DNF (two flats from hitting the cement like banks) a SACond and then two turds. All in all the whole weekend was complete insanity!!! Cars were smashing into each other, there was a least one roll over per race (in fact the last class #1 race on sat had two restarts after not even one lap each restart due to roll overs). Weapon like driving abounded with many and varied damage to all cars! It was very windy and cold on Sun. The OVLOV has come through all this still intact and running but much the worse for impact with mirror missing, bumpers having to be reattached, guards ripped off, black rubber circular markings up and down both side, doors caved in, multiple layers of multi colored paint scrapes and scratches from other cars, Ian Lok busted out side drivers window, much wavy, ripply metal on all cars this weekend. At one point in the first race on Sun. I asked myself if I maybe shouldn't even be on the track this after being cut off twice with car across my bow other car resulting in taking out or messing up 5 more cars. The banks were so hard that people were getting up on them NASCAR style and almost rolling but maintaining 45 degree bank through portions of the turns. Many complaints were registered and much talk of reprisal in all camps. Probably was a good weekend to just watch from the snowbanks!

Our sponsor Tom from the "Klondike Restaurant" (see Feb 6,7 entry above for details) arrived Saturday at noon armed with several pounds of his famous Hickory Smoked Ribs and proceeded to BBQ them up much to the appreciation of many in the paddock. Tom rode passenger in the first race Sat. when the OVLOV suffered the two flats (on the passenger side -Tom weighs in at a good 300 lbs about 6 ft 4.) so was somewhat dissapointed but did enjoy watching the comeback from last to 2nd in the next race from the snowbank. Any how only two race weekends to go hope it stays cold! Till then...

SAC ewe!!!!

Scott(Pres SAC)

Feb 27,28 1999

Not so great a weekend, very mild, but pretty good SAC time. Practice went from 14 to 3 rd in rear wheel drive class 1. From there to a flat right front tire 2 and a half laps from the end of a 12 lapper soooooo...put the pedal down (no more DNFs !) and finished 4 th from last on the flat. Believe it or not all we had to do was pump up the tire , no damage done! Next and last race of the day started 14 th and finished 3 rd. Had a good battle going with Ken Shaw in a Toyota Corolla until he side slammed the OVLOV out of turn three and, well, lost to superior Scottish metal. There was no racing on Sunday as there was about 2-3 inches of rain on the track and still coming down. The strange soap-like saga of Carol Raitt and Ian Lok continued once again this weekend with the final outcome of all complaints registered having Ian disqualified from all results for the entire weekend for both classes entered (#1 and #11). Far too heavy from this racers vantage point.

Any hooo, hopefully we get one more weekend in if the snow banks don't diminish too much.

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