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Walkways and Patios

It's important to start any project with a good design and a scale plan. University Werks provides the design and architectural know-how from over 25 years of hands-on experience.

Precast materials being delivered
The area to be constructed is first excavated and the dirt removed from site to allow for our base aggregate and precast products. The products are delivered to the site by the manufacturer direct from their yard and boomed near where they will be installed.

Base aggregates being leveled and compacted
Next a minimum 8" compacted aggregate screenings base and your choice of interlock pavers are installed. The last of the compacted screenings is left below grade to allow for approximately a one inch bedding course of the screenings and the interlock pavers. Retaining wall blocks rest on a minimum 8" gravel base and are backfilled with the same. The gravel and the soil are separated by filter cloth.

Lots of cutting!
Any cutting of interlock perimeters and/or installation of soldier course is done next followed by a layer of finings spread on top of the pavers to fill the joints between the pavers and to protect the pavers during the final stage of compacting them into the bedding course. All wall and step caps are mitre cut to fit curves and glued in place using a construction adhesive.

The finished installation...curves, curves, curves!
Every project finishes with a massive cleanup and attention to details like sod replacement, triple mix in the planting beds, sweeping and washing...


Again, curves are more attractive

For driveways the process is the same as described above under walkways and patios with the exception that a total base depth of a minimum of 12" is required with the bottom 6" consisting of "A" Gravel and the top 6" consisting of screenings. Driveways carry a lot heavier traffic load over the pavers and in the same path so a deeper base is required.

Hardscape design and construction - an article by Brian Burton

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